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By Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 1568651066

ISBN-13: 9781568651064

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Ahead were the escarpments of the red rock, rising almost as a crudely constructed wall, pierced by a gap which cradled the road. They were almost to this barrier when their luck failed. Out of the grass beside the trail burst a small dark animal to run between the woman's feet, throwing her off balance, sprawling on the beaten clay. She uttered her first sound, a cry of pain, and caught at her right ankle. Simon hastened to push her hands aside and used knowledge learned on the battlefield to assess the damage.

When she did not answer otherwise he made his own demand. " he pointed straight at her. The warrior Koris started, his hand going to the sidearm at his belt. And the woman frowned, before her expression became so remote and cold that Simon knew he had blundered badly. "Sorry," he spread his hands in gesture which he hoped she would take for apology. In some way he had offended, but it was through ignorance. And the woman must have understood that, for she made some explanation to the young officer, though he did not look at Simon with any great friendliness during the hours which followed.

But the blessed quiet held and the woman stirred in his arms, pushing free. Once again he had an impression of confidence, a confidence mixed with triumph, some game had come to a victorious end and to the woman's satisfaction. He longed for a light with which to survey the scene below. Had the hunter or hound survived the storm? Orange-red light lapped out from the fire toward the escarpment. Against the foot of the pinnacle lay a tangle of stiff white bodies. There was a dead horse in the road, a man's arm resting on its neck.

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