New PDF release: Anglo-Norman Studies XI: Proceedings of the Battle

By R. Allen Brown

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ISBN-10: 1846151937

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&AEthelwine, Pre-Conquest Sheriff; Alliances of Ellfgar of Mercia; fortress stories for the reason that 1850; Charles the Bald's Fortified Bridges; Clares and the Crown; Coastal Salt construction; Hydrographic and send Hydrodynamic facets of the Invasion; Leland and Historians; priests on this planet: Gundulf of Rochester; acquiring Benefices in 12c E. Anglia; St Pancras Priory, Lewes; Slavery; Wace and war.

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There are several descriptions of landings, but none so full or effective as the disembarkation of the Normans in 1066. The duke had a great chivalry Li dus out grant chevalrie and many ships in his fleet; e mult out nes en sa navie, moult out archiers, mult out selyanz, many archers, many sergeants, brave and warlike men, homes hardie e combatanx, carpenters and engineers, carpentiers e engigneors, good smiths and metalworkers. boens fevres e boens ferreiors, The ships steered to one port les nes sunt a un port tornees, and reached shore together.

He gives the correct number of ships (according to De Belio Gallico) for Caesar's first invasion, and underestimates for his second. The size of the fleets does not interest Geoffrey of Monmouth, though Wace borrows his vivid description of the holing of vessels by shore defences (B 4,243-59). In most sources little time is spent discussing how ships get from A to B. Not only does Wace provide vivid descriptions of embarking and disembarking, but also of storms which made sea travel so perilous.

I make no excuse for the confusion of chronology that must result from choosing examples so widely separated in time. Wace is describing the same type of warfare, irrespective of the era. ) Rollo ravages around Bayeux to force the city's submission (Wace I1 575-9); the English ravage the Cotentin, with dire results for themselves (Wace I11 1,103-10); the Danes ravage Yorkshire, with King Aethefred powerless to hinder them (Wace I11 1,249-56). It is an activity as commonplace as war itself. All this devastation is far from senseless, and Wace is aware of its more immediate strategic goals.

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