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Development at the easy thoughts via a cautious dialogue of covalence, (while adhering resolutely to sequences the place possible), the most a part of the ebook issues the valuable themes of continuity, differentiation and integration of genuine capabilities. all through, the old context within which the topic was once built is highlighted and specific realization is paid to exhibiting how precision permits us to refine our geometric instinct. The goal is to stimulate the reader to mirror at the underlying recommendations and concepts.

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3) ≥ |y(t) − z|/3 = |y + t · U − z|/3 ≥ (|y − z| − t · |U |)/3 ≥ |y − z|/6, where the last inequality holds because t ≤ |y − z|/(2 · |U |). Now suppose that j ∈ {2, 3}. Without loss of generality, we may take j = 2. Then abbreviate a := y(t)2 , b := z 2 , γ := |ω| · t. 4) = (1 − cos γ) · (|a|2 + |b|2 ) + cos γ · |a − b|2 + 2 · sin γ · ( a • ( b, − b) ) ≥ cos γ · |a − b|2 − 2 · | sin γ| · |a • ( b, − b)| = cos γ · |a − b|2 − 2 · | sin γ| · |(a − b) • ( b, − b)| ≥ cos γ · |a − b|2 − 2 · | sin γ| · |(a − b)| · |b|, where the symbol • stands for the usual inner product of two vectors in R2 .

13) + A j, (y) + B j, (y). Let the terms A j (y), B j (y) be defined as A j, (y) and B j, (y), respectively, but with the domain of integration ∂ B R ∪ ∂D ∪ ∂ B replaced by ∂ B R ∪ ∂D. 14) 3 −→ A j (y) + B j (y) + (2/3) · 3 δ jk · u k (y) + (1/3) · k=1 = A j (y) + B j (y) + u j (y) for δ jk · u k (y) k=1 ↓ 0. 16) ↓ 0. 16) yields 3 B R \D k=1 = B R \D Z jk (y, z) · f k (y) dz −(4 · π)−1 · (y − z) j · |y − z|−3 · div u(z) dz + A j (y) + B j (y) + u j (y). 7). 3 Let u ∈ C 2 (R3 \D)3 , π ∈ C 1 (R3 \D), f ∈ C 0 (R3 \D)3 with f = L(u) + ∇π.

Again recalling that j = 2 and t ≤ |y − z|/(2 · |U |), we finally get |y − z(t)| ≥ |a − b|/2 ≥ |y(t) − z|/6 ≥ (|y − z| − t · |U |)/6 ≥ |y − z|/12. 1 Let S, δ ∈ (0, ∞), μ ∈ (1, ∞). 6) 0 c for y ∈ B(1+δ) S , z ∈ BS . c Proof Take y ∈ B(1+δ) S , z ∈ B S . We abbreviate y := (y2 , y3 ). 1. We will distinguish several cases. To begin with, we suppose that |y| ≤ 8 S. 7 with 9 S instead of S. 8. In the rest of this proof, we suppose that |y| ≥ 8 S. 9) 0 where we used the abbreviation γ(y, z, r ) := |y − r e1 − e−(r/τ ) · z|, r ∈ (0, ∞).

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