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By Georgia S. Lemen, John P. Wolfe (auth.), Marc Taillefer, Dawei Ma (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642405457

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Palladium-Catalyzed sp2C–N Bond Forming Reactions: fresh advancements and functions. Metal-catalyzed C(sp2)-N bond formation.- fresh advancements in Recyclable Copper Catalyst structures for C−N Bond Forming Cross-Coupling Reactions utilizing Aryl Halides and Arylboronic Acids. meeting of N-containing heterocycles through Pd and Cu-catalyzed C-N bond formation reactions. Copper-Catalyzed C(aryl)-N Bond Formation.

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67). 2 Br t-BuNH2 Pd(OAc)2 (2 mol %) IPr•HCl (4 mol %) NaOtBu, toluene 110 °C 96% t-Bu t-Bu H N H N N H N H t-Bu t-Bu ð67Þ Synthesis of Azacalixarenes, Aza-Crowns, Porphryins, and Related Compounds Palladium-catalyzed N-arylation reactions have been employed in the synthesis or derivatization of a number of nitrogen-containing macrocycles, including azacalixarenes [373], aza-crown ethers [374], aza-cyclophanes [375, 376], and porphryins [377–379]. For example, Wang and coworkers have prepared azacalixarenes 56 that are capable of binding fullerenes using a cyclocondensation of N,N0 -dimethyl-1,3-phenylenediamine with dibromide 55 (Eq.

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Amination and Formation of sp2 C-N Bonds by Georgia S. Lemen, John P. Wolfe (auth.), Marc Taillefer, Dawei Ma (eds.)

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