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By Charles M Robinson III, Richard Hook

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Within the 1840s, gold had formally been found in California, and plenty of males made their method out West looking for riches. The early mining camps have been risky locations choked with violence and crime. legislation and order was once wanted, and the Vigilante Committee turned the 1st equipped deliverer of justice in those turbulent new cities. As a growing number of humans headed out West, and lots of new cities sprang up, a extra professional process of legislations was once wanted. From the times of the California Gold Rush to the killing of invoice Tilghman, the final of the normal frontier lawmen, this publication discusses the lads that formed legislations and order within the 'Wild, Wild West'.

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Three card monte, Keno, Poker, Roulette and Faro; but Faro was th e favorite. The tabl es of th ese games of ch anc e were gro un de d with players, winning or losin g with eq ual indifference and equal stolid ity. " Deadwood gre w up along Deadwood Cree k one of th e more promisin g locales for prosp ectors and miners in th e Black Hills gold ru sh . Plains town s like Dodge City, Kan sas, and Fort Griffin , Texas, often sp ra ng up aro und military posts, but th eir gre a t ec o no mic bo om beg an with buffalo hunting.

Ge n . Philip H . Sheridan ordered hi s arrest, an d Wild Bill h astily de parted. After a bri ef, lackluster stin t in a Wild West sho w, Hickok re turned to Kansas, where h e becam e town marsh al of Abile ne, a no n-mil itary town ou tside Sheridan 's jurisdi ction. On his firs t day in office, h e sho t two men, an d had been on th e j ob o n ly briefly when three dan gerous men, Phil Coe, Ben Thompson, and J ohn Wesley Hardin came into town. Coe and Thompson came in together, an d pooled th ei r resources to o pe n a ga m bling den kn own as th e Bull 's Head Saloon.

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