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Resistivity and Conductivity Resistivity and conductivity are material properties: they apply to all examples of a certain material anywhere. They are not the same as resistance and conductance, which are properties of individual artefacts. This means that they only apply to a given object. They describe how well a material resists or conducts an electric current. Symbols and Units Resistivity is usually represented by the Greek letter rho (ρ), and is measured in Ω m. Conductivity is usually represented by the Greek letter sigma (σ), and is measured in S m1 .

On another graph of potential difference and current, the graph curves so that the gradient increases as current increases. What can you say about the resistor? 6. 3 resistors, wired in series, have resistances of 1kΩ, 5kΩ and 500Ω each. What is the total resistance across all three resistors? 7. 2 conductors, wired in parallel, have conductances of 10S and 5S. What is the total resistance of both branches of the parallel circuit? 8. The circuit above is attached in series to 1 10Ω resistor. What is the total conductance of the circuit now?

What is the total potential difference across all the components in the circuit? 2. The voltages (relative to the voltage of the battery) on either side of a resistor are -6V and -5V. What is the potential difference across the resistor? 3. At a given point in a circuit, 5C of charge carry 10 kJ of energy. What is the voltage at this point? 4. Why do the electrons move to a point 1cm further along the wire? Power Power is a measure of how much energy is dissipated (ie. converted into heat, light and other forms of energy) by a component or circuit in one second.

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