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By Katharine Kerr

ISBN-10: 0586211977

ISBN-13: 9780586211977

Ebook seven of the distinguished Deverry sequence, an epic myth rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven background over a number of hundred years.

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The Omenbook ofGwarn, Loremaster Approached from the west, Cengarn loomed. The day when Jahdo saw it for the first time was beautifully sunny and fresh, too, as if the gods were mocking his fate and making sure he could see every detail of the Slavers’ evil city. As usual, he and Meer, doubled up on Baki, were being led along at the rear of the squad. When it crested one last hill, the men spread out to rest their horses, and Jahdo could look ahead. Down below the view stretched out, the sparse woodlands dropping to a valley of rolling meadows and green crops.

The bard’s voice sounded thick, all swollen with grief. ‘No need to beg forgiveness. ’ ‘Can’t. I’ve got to make sure he’s dead. ’ ‘Well, truly, that would be kind of cowardly. ’ Meer nodded his agreement. Jahdo chewed his lower lip, trying to find the right words. There were none, he supposed. ’ Meer nodded again. ’ The bard said nothing, sinking to his knees, his face turned to the earth. Jahdo went back and forth, carrying armloads of sacks and bags, dragging the heavy pack saddles, staggering under their bedrolls, back and forth until at last he was exhausted but their gear safe in the tiny clearing with the horses.

Both of them were over six feet tall, hard muscled under their mail, but one was blond and young, with a heavy moustache drooping over his mouth, and the other had dark hair, streaked with grey, and his road-filthy stubble of beard sported grey saltings as well. Each of them carried at their belts a peculiar dagger, narrow and sheathed, with three silver knobs on the pommel, and a heavy long sword. ’ the blond said. ’ Jahdo goggled. He could understand their speech, a thing he’d never expected.

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