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By Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux

ISBN-10: 1441979484

ISBN-13: 9781441979483

A look for Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations within the MINOS Experiment is a tour de force that summarizes, essentially and in a few intensity, a lot of Ochoa’s significant physique of labor which has had a huge influence on MINOS. the center-piece of the thesis is the hunt for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations, which might point out a non-zero blending perspective among the 1st and 3rd neutrino generations (θ13), presently the “holy grail” of neutrino physics. The optimum extraction of the electron neutrino oscillation sign is predicated at the novel “library occasion matching” (LEM) strategy which Ochoa constructed and applied including colleagues at Caltech and at Cambridge, which improves MINOS’ succeed in for setting up an oscillation sign over the other process. LEM will now be the foundation for MINOS’ outcome, and should most likely hold MINOS on the leading edge of this box till it completes its info taking in 2011. Ochoa and his colleagues additionally built the winning plan to run MINOS with a beam tuned for antineutrinos, to make a delicate try out of CPT symmetry by way of evaluating the inter-generational mass splitting for neutrinos and antineutrinos. Ochoa’s in-depth, inventive method of the answer of numerous complicated experimental difficulties is an exceptional instance for graduate scholars and longtime practitioners of experimental physics alike. probably the most interesting ends up in this box to emerge within the close to destiny may perhaps locate their foundations during this thesis, for which Ochoa was once offered the nationwide Prize for adolescence of Mexico in 2009.

This Doctoral Thesis has been approved through California Institute of know-how, Pasadena, USA.

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