A Moral Defense of Recreational Drug Use - download pdf or read online

By Rob Lovering

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Why does American legislations let the leisure use of a few medicinal drugs, akin to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, yet no longer others, resembling marijuana, cocaine, and heroin? the reply lies now not easily within the damage using those medications may reason, yet within the perceived morality--or lack thereof--of their leisure use. regardless of powerful rhetoric from ethical critics of leisure drug use, despite the fact that, it truly is unusually tough to parent the explanations they've got for deeming the leisure use of (some) medicines morally mistaken. during this e-book, Rob Lovering lays out and dissects quite a few arguments for the immorality of utilizing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and different medications recreationally. He contends that, traditionally, those arguments don't be triumphant. Lovering's publication represents one of many first works to systematically current, research, and critique arguments for the ethical wrongness of leisure drug use. Given this, in addition to the recognition of the morality-based safety of the USA' drug legislation, this e-book is a vital and well timed contribution to the talk at the leisure use of drugs.

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In Joe’s argument, the moral claim, premise (2), might be true, depending on whether instrumentalizing oneself is in fact wrong, among other things. INTRODUCTION 29 Before bringing this section to a close, I feel I should say a little more about one of the previously listed truth-testing considerations, intuition, as its role in moral reasoning has been and continues to be of considerable debate. Specifically, I would like to state very briefly what I take intuition’s role in moral reasoning to be.

While the other has great explanatory power and is very practical, but most people’s intuition, also arising foremost from the claim’s intrinsic features, is that it is false. If intuition provides no epistemic justification whatsoever for accepting basic moral claims, then there is no epistemic reason to accept the former basic moral claim over the latter basic moral claim, all else being equal. But this strikes me as incorrect. That the former basic moral claim is intuitive, especially in the way that it is, seems to provide prima facie epistemic reason for accepting it over its counterpart.

With this in mind, consider an argument addressed in Chapter 6: (1) God commands that we refrain from recreational drug use. (2) If God commands that we refrain from recreational drug use, then recreational drug use is wrong. (3) Therefore, recreational drug use is wrong. ” Nonreligious arguments for the wrongness of an activity move from nonreligious claims alone to a claim about the wrongness of the activity. For present purposes, what makes a nonreligious claim a nonreligious claim is simply the fact that it does not make any religious claims.

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