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By Patricia Wrede

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While a stranger deals her a small fortune to damage right into a touring magician's wagon, Kim does not hesitate. Having grown up a waif within the soiled streets of London, Kim is not above slightly breaking-and-entering. a troublesome existence and lean instances have schooled her in a single lesson: scouse borrow from them earlier than they scouse borrow from you. but if the magician catches her within the act, Kim thinks she's performed for. until eventually he indicates she turn into his apprentice; then the genuine difficulty begins.Kim quickly unearths herself entangled with murderers, thieves, and cloak-and-dagger politics, all whereas attempting to how you can develop into either a formal girl and a magician in her personal correct. Magic and intrigue pass hand in hand in Mairelon the Magician and The Magician's Ward, fast paced novels jam-packed with secret and romance, set opposed to the difficult backdrop of Regency England.

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And however careless he might seem, he was not stupid. The thought crossed her mind that he had been watching to see whether she would tell the skinny toff the whole truth about what she had found in his wagon. Curiously, the idea that he had been testing her drained away most of her anger. Caution was a thing she understood; if she wanted Mairelon’s trust, she would have to earn it. She wasn’t about to admit she knew it, though. “You shouldn’t of gone,” she said grumpily. Mairelon gave her a quizzical look.

No, I guess you couldn’t. ” “You’re right about that,” Mairelon replied cheerfully. He raised his hand to touch his eye again, and winced. ” “He’ll say it’s what I deserve for going off without him. He may, just possibly, be right,” the magician added thoughtfully. ” Kim said. Mairelon looked at her and blinked; then he grinned. “Oh, I see. ” The grin widened, giving him a strong resemblance to a mischievous small boy. “Well, such things happen quite frequently in taverns, particularly the less respectable ones.

Then he brought out a pack of playing cards and ran through a series of increasingly elaborate tricks. Kim was so enthralled by the show that she almost missed seeing a small door open near the front of the wagon. The jingling noise of the tambourine caught her attention at last. Hastily she mashed herself flat against the side of Jamie’s stall, holding one ragged sleeve up to obscure her face. Mairelon’s droopy henchman glanced in her direction as he passed, but his eyes moved on once her dirty and impecunious appearance sank in.

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