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Dealing with the faerie courts has made me believe that even us poor humans do it. To be around the powerful, rich, beautiful, talented, whatever, it isn’t just human nature to suck up. I think it’s glamour. I think that success of a certain level has a glamour to it, and you attract people to you. They want to be around you. They listen to you more. They do what you say more. Humans have a shadow of real glamour; now think about someone who is the most powerful figure in faerie. ” Stevens smoothed his tie, played with the Rolex watch Taranis had given him as a present.

Cortez asked. ” The three of us stared at Cortez and Shelby. This was laundry so dirty that the queen had tortured people who had merely hinted at such things. I didn’t ask if Taranis had actually said it, because I knew no one else at his court would have dared Queen Andais’s anger. Anyone less than the king himself, and she would have called them out to a personal duel for such rumors. Andais had a lot of faults, I knew that, but she had loved her brother. He had loved her, too. It’s why he hadn’t killed her and taken the throne, even though he felt that he would have been a better ruler.

My guards are my lovers. Which makes them royal consorts until one of them makes me pregnant. Then that one will be king to my queen. ” “The three guards who have been charged by the king should be sent back to faerie,” Shelby said. “King Taranis was so afraid that Ambassador Stevens would see that the Unseelie Court was beautiful that he put a spell on the man. A spell that forced him to see us as monstrous. ” Cortez asked. ” “You would say anything to save your lovers,” Shelby said. “I am sidhe, and I am not above the law.

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