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By Arvind Sharma

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This presentation of Hinduism really stresses the intermingling of philosophy and faith in the religion. It hopes to expand the horizons of the traditional philosophy of faith through including fabric drawn from Hindu idea to its scope of curiosity. by way of hence juxtaposing the philosophy of faith with Hindu philosophy, the e-book makes an attempt to maneuver in the direction of a cross-cultural philosophy of faith. This sequence of books explores modern non secular understandings of humanity and the universe. It covers the continued dialogues among faith and philosophy, scepticism and religion and among the several religions and ideologies.

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The effects are implicitly contained in their cause and the material world, which is subject to change, requires an unintelligent and ever-changing cause and not a spiritual and immutable God. Again, the eternal existence of the Puru~as is inconsistent with God. If they are the parts of God, they must have some divine power. If they are created by God, they are subject to destruction. ' (Chandradhar Sharma, A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy [London: Rider, 1960] pp. ) 2. For brief accounts see S.

P. 162. Ninian Smart feels that the Nyaya school was able to 'produce apparently reasonable replies' to at least some of the above arguments (Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy, pp. 155-6). 40. M. Hiriyanna, Outlines of Indian Philosophy (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1964 [first published 1932]) p. 258. See Ninian Smart (Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy, pp. 150--1) on the relationship between omniscience and scripture. Also see Satischandra Chatterjee and Dhirendramohan Datta (An Introduction to Indian Philosophy, pp.

Thus the Sautramat:li sacrifice may be referred to 'wherein wine is drunk under a religious garb' and the Asvamedha sacrifice as well 'wherein oral sex is considered as a part of the sacrifice'. 9 There is also the absence of the critique of God as a father-figure in Indian materialist circles. It could however be argued that it is the guru rather than God, and the fact that guru is equated with God, which provides the Freudian clue here. On the other hand there are some accounts vaguely reminiscent of the primal horde thesis of Freud.

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