A Bardon Companion: Commentary Upon Franz Bardon's Books by Rawn Clark PDF

By Rawn Clark

ISBN-10: 2951797206

ISBN-13: 9782951797208

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So, set yourself a limit of no more than two weeks for this phase of the cycle. Thi s will suffice for now. You can (and should) always go ba ck and add things to your lists later -- it does not have to be absolutely perfect on the first round. Which brings me to the subject of the endless nature of this cycle of introspection/self-change. This is truly a life-long habit for the true magician. Over my time at t his work, I have constructed three such mirrors of the soul, 49 each separated by a few years.

Our astral body corresponds to our emotional being or personality and it penetrates our physical being. When we pe rceive o ur a stral bo dy, its shape is very similar to our physical body and its color reflects the state of our personality and emotions. The senses of our astra l body are v ery similar to those of our physical body, yet also similar to those of our mental body. The astral senses mediate between those of the mental and physical bodies. A good way to tell the difference between an astral journey and a mental journey is to gauge the degree to w hich our perceptions of our surroundings match those of normal physical perception.

This is a basic magical technique which serves as a foundation for the rest of the work - - w ithout t his deg ree of m ental di scipline, m any things are impossible in magic. 4) Should I keep track of all my distractions or just the major ones? I recommend that on your first trial of each exercise, you do not bother counting your distractions. Focus instead upon managing them. In the case of the first exercise with the observer perspective, after you get the hang of it, start counting your external distractions -- the ones that actually interfere with your ex ercise.

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A Bardon Companion: Commentary Upon Franz Bardon's Books by Rawn Clark

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